Ever dreamt of exploring the lush green meadows along the countryside, uncharted jungle paths, rain forests and mountain ridges, camping under the glittering sky and mesmerising sunrise & sunsets along the pristine beaches and hilltops?

TAG is here to fulfill this dream of yours!!



We meticulously plan your journey to reveal region’s nature, diverse culture, heritage and rural countryside to provide you the best outdoor experience. Getting to know the locals, their culture and language is an enthralling part of our tours. With us every journey of yours is unique, and we believe being part of the local culture and heritage is the perfect indulgence for an outdoor activity. With TAG you’ll bike, hike OR walk through beautiful landscapes at your own pace, indulge in awesome regional cuisine & bring back your own adventure tales. Each & every TAG Adventures are designed to be unique in its composition, trail findings, approach, operations and methodology.

Unique Trails | Epic Experiences, Every-time Guaranteed!!



Click from our Monsoon Odyssey series


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As fellow travelers, we would hate for outdoor experiences to be restrained by lack of budget OR money. So at TAG we mainly focus on designing the more affordable tour itineraries for adventure travel enthusiasts, keeping in mind best practices and high quality of services, while you travel with us. SO WHY WAIT?, Buy the ticket and take the ride with GYPSIES….!!

“We take you further than any road or trails does.

TAG tours stands for Adventure, Discovery, Freedom & Fun”


We are organized. The TAG team does a recce of the entire route/trail before the event. You can expect a pleasant and an enjoyable experience while you tour with us. We provide comfortable transportation and stay (local homestay OR guesthouses) with simple yet delicious vegetarian food. Small group sizes means more interaction and attention at a more personal level. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We also carry first-aid kits, safety gears & equipments of high quality, and the necessary back-ups in case of emergency to make your trip with us extremely safe.


Cycling Tours & Expeditions
Trekking, Hiking & Safari Tours
Nature Camping Trips
Photography Workshop Tours


We do not outsource our programs to sub contractors. We do the planning; we do the execution. Our self sufficiency and in depth knowledge is what makes TAG as unique adventure travel company.
We are a grassroots company and being on a journey with us means you are directly contributing to the local economy and development without any intermediaries.
Most importantly We  love what we are doing!


Take breaks and camp away from trails and other visitors.
We hate loud voices and noises, Let nature’s sounds prevail.
Respect wildlife by observing them from far distance, and do not follow or approach them. Stay away during sensitive times: mating, nesting, raising young ones.
Preserve & Respect the history: Examine, but do not touch cultural or historic structures and artifacts. And strictly no to step or stand over the monuments & structures for a photograph on it.
Dispose of waste properly- Pack out all trash, leftover food, litter and carry them back.
We follow a strict policy of “Leave No Trace” in our all outdoor activities. “Take nothing but memories and photographs, leave nothing but footprints”.