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There is no better way to travel and explore than from the seat of a bicycle. With two pedals under your feet, the world goes by at a perfect pace with two spinning wheels, fast enough to get somewhere and slow enough to observe & admire every details along the way.
On your bicycle, you are a free bird. You can ride to any place you like, stop at any place that takes your fancy, take a nap when you’re tired, or hurry the last miles to cover before sun sets off for the day, It’s all about doing something which you thought you could never do.


“It’s time to get out of the cubicle, Hop on your bike & breathe”

With hundreds of empty hours spent hunching over your handlebars, you’ve got plenty of time to contemplate life. The steady turn of the wheels induces an almost meditative state that helps you focus on what really counts in life. And you’ll pedal along to a constantly changing series of sensations. One moment you might be daydreaming and watching the birds. The next, you’ll be thrust into full concentration as you spin your legs furiously to tackle a big uphill.

The best fulfillment of a journey- is when a sense of achievement greets you at the top of every climb as you crest the summit proudly, and then you can fly down the other side with ease, stopping at the next store of course for a well deserved ice cream. And later in the day, you might pitch your tent in a campground for the night, take a room in a hotel, be invited to spend the evening with a local family or head back home again. The choice is yours.

If you still wondering what is bicycle travel is all about?

Well..!! It's not about the bike, it’s not even about how fit you are or how fast you can ride.

… It’s about going slowly

… It’s about passing by countryside and feeling it for the first time

… It’s about riding to places you have never been to

… It’s about travelling with friends and making new ones

… It’s all about getting lost to find yourself.


  • Short Ride: Half day, max: 6 hours.
  • Day Ride: Full day with 8 - 12 hours.
  • Weekend Ride: 2 - 3 days.
  • Multi Days Long Tour: 4 or more days.
  • Expeditions: A week or more with extreme challenging terrain & weather.
  • All rides are Guided Tours & accompanied by both, with and without support van.
  • Easy: 40km/day with almost flat terrain.
  • Moderate: 60 - 80km/day with gradual elevation gain.
  • Challenging: 100 - 140km/day with decent gain in elevation.
  • Hard: 150 - 200km/day with any terrain & gradient.
  • Extreme: Above 200km/day with tough terrain & steep gradient.
  • First 2 rides are LEISURE RIDES and rest 3 comes under ENDURANCE RIDES category.



We at TAG organize various cycling rides, which include- SHORT RIDES & DAY RIDES in and around rural Bangalore.  WEEKEND RIDES to hill-stations & countryside of Western-ghats. We also MULTI DAY TOURS & EXPEDITIONS in the mountains of the great Himalayan ranges.

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