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A Walk Into The Wild

Hiking is the most sought adventure and wilderness based activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking provides a true feast for the senses. The fresh mountain air and sunshine, in the midst of often splendid scenery, opens up your pores and senses to soak it all in. Not every place is spectacular, but a sublime beauty and an incredible array of life-forms can be found in virtually any natural area. And some regions are indeed stunning -- with soaring peaks and plunging cliffs, gushing down streams and roaring waterfalls, shimmering clear-water lakes and mountain meadows filled with wildflowers. Photographs or words can never do justice at all. There’s no substitute for going on foot and experiencing them personally.

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“In every walk in nature, One receives far more than he seek!”

There are not many outdoor pleasures greater in this world than sitting around a campfire on a clear-skied evening with the silence broken only by the sounds of shushing waves or gurgling rivers. For freedom and relaxation and seeing some of the most spectacular parts of the country you cannot beat going camping. Camping is an upcoming outdoor activity in India compared to other parts of the world. But there is, nevertheless, a dedicated, enthusiastic and growing bunch of campers who are looking to make the most of India’s natural beauty by setting up camps in places far away from civilization. Indeed, India has plenty of camping spots for the happy camper – and the adventurous one.

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