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India is a land of tremendous contrasts. Be it culture or nature, this beautiful country is amazingly different and vibrant from within. Including its People, Lifestyle, Marriages, Wildlifes, Landscapes, Mountains, Forests and Rivers. It is precisely for this reason, many people from different walks of life are slowly and steadily taking up photography as a profession.

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Every professional photographer and film-makers were once beginners and amateurs when they had their first hand on the camera. Later their passion, willingness to learn the techniques and hunger for knowledge drive them to where they are today. But it has certainly taken them years to master the art of capturing brilliant frames. And it’s wise to learn from them directly and become a professional photographer.

Everyone take pictures, But few make it photographs!

We at TAG organize the photography workshops with help of renowned photographers and filmmakers and also offer exciting and unique outdoor photography experiences to myriad destinations across india. We mentor and coach people who are passionate about photography at all levels, from a newbie to an experienced person, through our photography workshop tours. Our photography tours are designed to get you close to nature, be it the sunrises and sunsets or fabulous landscapes or the beautiful wildlife or the amazing heritage and culture our country has to offer. Our professional photographers will get you to the right places at the right times of day, tell you what to point your lens at, hone your technical skills and help you better your vision while you’re at it!